Rest in Peace Jigme Norbu

Donna at Dedication Site

Donna at Dedication Site

A bittersweet reunion of about 25 supporters gathered April 3 at the accident site 28 miles south of St. Augustine, Florida to participate in the 49th Day Shay-Gu ceremony for Jigme Norbu.

Wangchuk Dorjee led us in Tibetan prayers releasing his spirit to move on to auspicious reincarnation and seeking compassion as expressed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Brian Scrone recited Rumi, Deacon Dan Scrone reminded us that the foundations of all faiths are the same: many lanterns, one light. Miessa Myrick recited a favorite passage from His Holiness and Jim Sheils thanked Wangchuk & Jigme for the inspiration of their vision and dedication.

Donna Kim-Brand recited from Jigme’s late father Dr. Thubten Norbu and passages about the Dalai Lama to remind all present that each of us, Jigme included, is on a lifelong (and beyond) journey of discovery, evolution and faith in action that begins wherever we are. World Peace begins with each of us finding and expressing our own peace. 

Original songs by Jamie Defrates, Susan Brown, Lee Pinkerson & Bill acknowledging Jigme-la’s free spirit, his mission to free Tibet and inviting all present to ‘Dream On’ embraced us in the spirit of good will and hope that goes beyond words, beyond time and space, beyond what seems possible….

Natural Peace

Natural Peace

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2 Responses to Rest in Peace Jigme Norbu

  1. I think about Jigme almost everyday. I am sad that he has left this earth so soon! He was a great man and had a huge generous heart! He is missed and I send love, light and prayers that he rests in peace!


    • admin says:

      I’m so glad we ‘share’ Jigme through the unique encounters we each had with him- it even bonds us to each other more deeply.

      Yes, Jigme is hugely missed for his hearty laugh, generous heart, dogged determination towards his cause and sweet vulnerability in the face of his willingness to grow & lead. Great man, great loss.

      Thank you for your continued caring and prayers. They, too, are golden!
      Love ya back,
      xoxo Donna

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