Tibetans Gather for ‘Walk for Tibet’ Photo Tribute

Re-Walk for Tibet Florida photoshow w Donna

Northwest area Tibetans gathered in Portland, Oregon April 21, 2011 to hear my (Donna Kim-Brand) photo-story of the February Walk for Tibet Florida. They seemed totally engaged in the unfolding of Jigme Norbu’s original plan and how events developed unexpectedly when he met his death on the first day of the 300 mile Walk along the Atlantic coast of Florida.

For me, creating the slide show and telling the story for the first time in public was highly emotional, yet rewarding. For all the sadness, there was also an abundance of magic and goodwill both on the Walk and in Portland. All people in attendance were anxious to find ways to continue to spread the message of Tibetan Freedom and support their Tibetan brethren still suffering inside Tibet. They have a very active and intelligent membership.

I am grateful for the invitation to present Jigme’s story, and for their kind hospitality.

Dorjee Family Tibetan Hospitality

Dorjee Family Tibetan Hospitality

 Stay tuned for next steps and upcoming events by AmbassadorsforWorldPeace.org.

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