Walk for Tibet Florida Feb 14-26, 2011

‘Walk for Tibet’
February 14 – 26, 2011

For World Peace, Human Rights,
and Tibetan Independence

Jigme Norbu, son of Tibetan Freedom Leader Dr. Thubten J. Norbu & nephew of His Holiness the Dalai Lama brings his ‘Walk for Tibet’ event to Florida. As he walks, Jigme talks to people along the way to build awareness and invite actions that serve the causes of  World Peace, Human Rights and Tibetan Independence.

He will be joined by author-educator Donna Kim-Brand, offering an interactive talk ‘Wise Up:Create Your Future Now’; also Todd Huston, World Record Mountain Climber and leg amputee, speaking on ‘Peace and Personal Power’, and Wangchuk Dorjee, ex-Tibetan Parliament member on his 4th walk with Jigme.

The 300 mile Walk begins February 14, day of Love, in St. Augustine, founding city in the United States territory.   It continues along Florida’s Atlantic coast through Feb. 26 when the finale event is a drum-fest reception at the esteemed Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, West Palm Beach. Artist Ann Norton herself was a supporter of the Tibetan cause as reflected in some of her art works & friendships.

To host a presentation by Jigme, Donna & Todd along the route, donate to the cause, join in the walk or attend the finale event, visit   http://www.WalkforTibetFlorida.com  or

email donna@legacylifeline.com    


3 Responses to Walk for Tibet Florida Feb 14-26, 2011

  1. Katherine says:

    I would like to join the walk. are you going to do one in NC? I would liek to join you. let me know please I will gladly help in any way I can too

  2. SO APPLAUD all that you are doing! My prayers are with you during this journey!


    • admin says:

      Thank you Elizabeth,
      What a birthday it was (Feb. 23)…and what an incredible journey the whole Walk For Tibet Florida process has been. No one predicted our tragic loss, but what Jigme spurred was a torrent of heartfelt support from around the world that we also encountered daily on our walk. People were just WAITING to be asked to do good and help out.
      New developments are afoot, and meanwhile we continue the step by step approach to World Peace, person by person, kindness by kindness.
      And how cool was it that Jim & Brian, new Empire members, ended up on the whole journey with me. We are bonded forever.
      Hugs and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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